Poop. Crap. Shit. Big. Little. Un-flushable.

We all do it.

I just happen to be someone who finds poop without looking for it.

I started taking pictures of found poop back in 2003. I am currently in the process of scanning and uploading these photos.

The best poop I ever found was at a gas station outside of Los Angeles. I walked in the restroom, opened up the first available stall and quickly realized why no one decided to occupy said toilet. It was as if the bowl’s interior had been painted with poop paint! I firmly believe that whoever was the last person to use the toilet exploded in the bowl then proceeded to use a paint brush to cover the entire thing with feces. There must have been no water in the bowl at the time because it would have washed away the precious artwork. Unfortunately, I did not have a camera on me at the time and have no physical proof of this encounter, just a vivid, lingering, memory.

I am still searching for this toilet. If you ever find it or know what I’m talking about, please, document your findings.

Until then, I present to you, The Big Poop. A blog about found poop.


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  1. This is a pretty stupid website u should consider suicide

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