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Spring Break 2005


Ahh, Pizza Hut. You are everywhere in the US. Just like dog poop. This didn’t stop Jeff and I from grabbing a bite inside. Pizza Hut rocks.

Location: Pizza Hut, Miami, Florida


Subway Poop


Found this on the web. Apparently, this incident happened very close to where I work. I have yet to experience the pooping commuter!! I’m so jealous.

Location: Somewhere in New York, New York

Yahoo Answers

I found in my hair was I raped?

Location: Yahoo Answers

Trip to Minneapolis

Stone Arch Apartments

Went to Minneapolis this weekend to visit an old college buddy. Of course, we found dog poop in his apartment complex.

Location: Stone Arch Apartments, Minneapolis, MN

MySpace Poop


Someone forwarded this to me in an e-mail a couple of weeks ago. I really hope this isn’t true. Pretty hilarious, nonetheless.

Location: MySpace

Deer Poop Smile


A big thanks to Pete for finding this picture. Someone had a lot of time on their hands.

Location: Somewhere Cold, US

Crochet Poop


Someone buy this for me.

Location: I don’t know, Etsy?