Portable Toilets


Portable Toilets are like a car accident that everyone slows down for just to get a peak. If I’m ever at a music festival or event downtown I try to resist using these things. When I break down and can’t take it any longer, I succumb to these beasts. I have never been able to not stare down the black eye of a port-a-potty. I tell myself I’m not going to look but there is something that forces me to take a peak (and a leak).

Location: Brooklyn, New York


I Love You


In case you didn’t know, I just wanted to tell you I Love You. <3

Location: Bathroom of Someone with L-Shaped Poops, US

Poop And The City


I have no idea how this occurred. I spotted this car one time on my to Greenwich Village. I love New York.

Location: Greenwich Village, New York

Oh Crap


Oh man, I hate hate hate when this happens. It’s okay when I’m home and the paper is out. I don’t mind walking with my ass in the air in search of a fresh roll. What happens when you’re in a public restroom though? Err, so one time in Illinois we stopped at a gas station to relieve ourselves. I really had to go, walked to the first stall that was available, dropped my pants, and let it out. I didn’t even check to see if the roll was empty, I’m usually good at that. So, I’m sitting there on the pot, thinking what to do. Nothing! I couldn’t do anything, so I put my pants back on and checked to see if anyone else was in the restroom. Thank god, the last person was making a run for the door. I pretended to wash my hands then ran to another stall after the guy left. I wiped my ass as good as I could. So gross.

Location: College Humor Website?

Send Me Your Poop!

Well, not yours. I just want to remind everyone¬†that has ever found poop in strange places to send in their discoveries. Don’t have evidence? That’s fine, send me your story! I want to hear all about it.

Send me a message to thebigpoop @ wordpress.com

My Old New Apartment


When I first moved to New York City I spent the first two weeks apartment hunting around Brooklyn. Thanks to craigslist I found my very first apartment in a safe neighborhood at a reasonable price. Also, thanks to craigslist, I found a little housewarming present from the previous tenants. Thanks guys!

Location: Crospy Avenue, Brooklyn, New York