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Subway Poop


Found this on the web. Apparently, this incident happened very close to where I work. I have yet to experience the pooping commuter!! I’m so jealous.

Location: Somewhere in New York, New York


Portable Toilets


Portable Toilets are like a car accident that everyone slows down for just to get a peak. If I’m ever at a music festival or event downtown I try to resist using these things. When I break down and can’t take it any longer, I succumb to these beasts. I have never been able to not stare down the black eye of a port-a-potty. I tell myself I’m not going to look but there is something that forces me to take a peak (and a leak).

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Poop And The City


I have no idea how this occurred. I spotted this car one time on my to Greenwich Village. I love New York.

Location: Greenwich Village, New York

My Old New Apartment


When I first moved to New York City I spent the first two weeks apartment hunting around Brooklyn. Thanks to craigslist I found my very first apartment in a safe neighborhood at a reasonable price. Also, thanks to craigslist, I found a little housewarming present from the previous tenants. Thanks guys!

Location: Crospy Avenue, Brooklyn, New York